Lynchmere Pantomime


We are holding a Musical Picnic to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-day. Live music from  the Haslemere Town Band directed by David Wright and the UK Forces Veterans’ Showband Director Ian Young who will play muisci with a D day theme. The event will be held in the beautiful Bunchfield garden , there will be a marquee, a licensed bar and a dance floor. You are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy with your friends in the marquee or bring a rug to sit on the lawn or find a secluded nook in the orchard. Although there is no dress code you may chose to wear something reminiscent of 1944.

We are raising funds for a new scenery hut for the Lynchmere Pantomime. The Lynchmereans have been entertaining local audiences for over 75 years and have a large amount of hand painted scenery. Due to the redevelopment of St Michael Hall in Hammer we will need to build a new store for the scenery. Both Ian Young, Director of the UK forces Veterans Showband and Christopher Tibbs Co Chair of the Haslemere Town Band began their performing careers on the Lynchmere stage in 1971.