Lynchmere Pantomime

Get Involved

On Stage

We are always looking for new talent and so far in our long history, we have never said no to a cast member!
We accept children from age 8 and above, but we love to have grownups of all ages on stage as well!

We only have one quality that we’re looking for at the Lynchmereans: ENTHUSIASM! (dramatic talent is optional)

Back Stage

Although those up front on stage are seen as the stars, we all know where the real talent lies: ITS BEHIND YOU!

We are extremely grateful to any one who helps us out backstage, in a lighting box, making costumes, doing make up, creating props and MUCH MUCH MORE! We have an excellent team working hard to bring our pantos to life, so if you want to try it our they’re very keen to show you the ropes!

How to get involved

It’s very simple! Just send us an email at or fill out the form below

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about how to get involved with our humble production. We rely heavily on the support of our community, so thank you in advance!

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