Lynchmere Pantomime

Robin Hood 2023

All for one and one for all

A pantomime to excite and enthral!

Our story starts in the Forest of Sherwood

(A place where all outlawing affairs should)

And who’s that hiding out over there in that glen?

Why of course! It’s Robin Hood and his Merry Men!

Come join our heroes as they fight the good fight

Against the Sheriff of Nottingham, brimming with spite

He’s levelling taxes, outrageous and wrong

All for the wicked and childish Prince John.

Little John joins the fray, and of course Friar Tuck!

When it comes to the Sherriff, they don’t give a monkeys!

But how will Robin find the strength to carry on?

With the fierce support of his sweetheart Maid Marion!

Will justice prevail and Prince John repent?

Or will the proletariat be crushed by the vile 1%?

It’s a fight for what’s right, so hear now our call!

And come down to the Hardman Moyle Memorial Hall

Shout out your boos and lend us your cheers

In this timeless adventure that will last through the years